Why ITF Group?

About us

ITF Group JSC is an innovative non–bank financial institution that provides large portfolio of financial services to borrowers. Its main products are consumer loans with various payments schedules targeted to audiences with specific risk factor.

The company has been founded in the end of 2012 and has launched its first entirely online brand SmileCredit on February 2013. The start was very promising and the company recorded four straight profit positive years to date.

As a result the Company strategy has evolved and led to establishment of a second brand – Get Cash in 2015, aimed to operate through offline network.


We want to be modern


Using the opportunities on the local market, our company strives to become one of the systematically important non–banking financial institutions in Bulgaria, which helps to secure better access to financial resources for ordinary people.

Our mission is to be a modern non-bank financial institution with the purpose to use in full our expertise in financing and high-tech operations to provide affordable and high quality financial service to the local market.

Long – term perspective – a clear and working long – term program for the Company’s development Skills and experience Good standing Responsible relationships Partnership – it stimulates interconnection, mutual respect and support.

What We Do?


  • Teamwork


    Gathering knowledge with experience to achieve more.

  • Propriatery technology

    Proprietary technology

    Deep business know-how and technology craftsmanship.

  • Borrowing conservatism

    Borrowing conservatism

    Credit risk management resulted in revenue from first year on.

  • Automation


    Internal IT department integrates technologies needed to achieve maximum automation and effectiveness.

  • Sinergy


    Combination of online and offline business – advantage of studying digital behavior while being next to the customers.

  • Digital expertise

    Digital expertise

    Experience and expertise in online acquisition and provision of services.

Our Brands


  • Smile Credit
    • Payday loans
    • Instalment loans
  • Smile Credit
    • Instalment loans

Our Key Figures

  • 132 000+

    loans granted

  • 56


  • 5 500+

    credit app every month

  • 45%

    approval rate

  • 35%

    average growth per year

  • 25%

    new clients per month

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