ITF Group started partnership with Mintos P2P platform

FinTech industry is rapidly changing the financial ecosystem. Fundamental part of it is peer-to-peer financing as a liquidity management tool.

P2P provides flexible interest ratings for the investors, by evaluating the financial risk related to each individual borrower and diversifies their risk profile by packaging the loans from multiple sources.

Lenders prefer to work with P2P platforms because they provide great flexibility to take money exactly when needed and in an affordable interest rate. In a stark contrast to typical bank financing, there is no need to provide complicated documents and obey the rigid structure of financing.

All this mentioned, ITF Group JSCo starter in 2016 partnership with a leading European P2P platform – Mintos. Passing the strict application procedure and being approved by Mintos is big success for our company. Now we have exposure to the much larger pool of potential investors and freedom and flexibility to finance the business needs.

You may find further information on Mintos company page –